Month: February 2018

Does Your Dog Need ACL Surgery?

Think twice before making an appointment for ACL surgery for your pet. Often Times the surgery isn’t really necessary and causes more trouble for the pet than what he’d endure without. Even in situations where the veterinarian recommended dog acl surgery, it is best to get a second opinion or, at a minimum, further educate yourself concerning the topic.

ACL surgery is oftentimes recommended when a dog suffers through an ACL tear, though sometimes, a brace is all that is needed to mend your pet back to good health. Not only is using a brace less worrisome than surgery, it is also more affordable and carries less risks. When you’re a pet owner, you want the best for your pet and this could be the best option. 

There are a few types of surgery that can be used when there is an ACL tear. Each brings with it risks and potential risks to your pet’s health. Furthermore, dog ACL surgery oftentimes causes more injury than the pet began with, as well as added pain. This is not the outcome that you want after surgery!

It is best to evaluate your best using a brace for a period of time rather than jumping on the surgery option. If there isn’t any progress seen when the brace is used, you may then discuss the option of surgery in-depth with your veterinarian. Of course, during this evaluation period, it is important to use other techniques that will help burse your pet back to good health. Some of the things that you can do include:

·    Restrict the dog’s activity so that he is unable to run or jump

dog acl surgery

·    Use a proper fitting ACL brace

·    Use OTC pain relief to prevent pain

Remember, while your pet’s veterinarian cares for the health and best interest of your pet, he is still a businessman out to make money and profit. And, as we all know, surgery is never an affordable option, even when you make monthly payments. Do not automatically assume that surgery is the best or the only option for your pet when it may very well be that it isn’t needed at all.

What Your Plumbing Contractor Wants To Do When You’ve Had Those Accidents

It is true what they say; there is no shortage of willingness when it comes to an opportunity to do business. The main motivation always seems to be just how much money can be made from the requested job. But then again; there is also a reluctance from parties to take on jobs that may be a bit of a challenge or take up too much time.

Time is money and these chaps just want to move on to the next unwitting victim. But not these chaps, not today anyhow. Pleasingly, there is always a willingness on the part of today’s qualified, licensed and experienced plumbing contractor to swiftly attend to those accidents you have had that cannot ever be delayed.

plumbing contractor

A blocked and smelly toilet is an emergency indeed. So too, the flooded basement. There is no inconvenience on the part of your plumbing contractor; it is part of his job anyhow. He is more than willing to take care of those unfortunate mishaps, no matter what time of the day or night it is, and so much so that he has included twenty four hour, seven days a week, rapid response services as a regular feature of his work.

Such emergencies will always be costly. Getting any contractor over in the middle of the night could be quite costly too. But not this chap. Not the plumbing contractor. When the moment of truth does come, the costing of the work that needs to be done will be delivered to you free of charge. The plumbing contractor will also assist you every step of the way during your time of need with the claims processing paperwork with your local insurance service provider and the necessary filing for city rebates.

Once your good man has finished all of his work, his job is still not done. There is still the housekeeping to be taken care of. While working, he will make every effort to respect your property and its possessions, taking care not to bump or damage anything. And when all the good work is finally finished, he will make sure that he has not left a drop, speck or spot.